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EuropaColon is a joint partner of
Global Colon Cancer Alliance
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EuropaColon launches new initiative for young people with colorectal cancer
- Young Voices United Against Colorectal Cancer

Young Voices United against CRC
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Welcome to EuropaColon

Colorectal cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Europe. Every year, around 230,000 people die from the disease however many of these lives could be saved by early detection and treatment.

EuropaColon aims to unite patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, politicians, the media and the public in the fight against the disease. The organisation is currently represented in 24 countries in Europe and has been acknowledged as the voice of colorectal cancer patients in Europe. 

We welcome you to join us in our fight against this disease.
CCPC 2013
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I discovered I had colon cancer while I was pregnant
At 31, Matilda Tristram was looking forward to having...

Colon Cancer Screening: Immunological Tests Are Superior
Tests for hidden traces of blood (“occult blood”) in...

Cancer Experts Issue "5-Steps" Warning on Grilling Safety
In time for the start of grilling season, experts...

Spanish group patents an automatic suture system for colon cancer operations
The Spanish research centre Innotex has developed a device...

Access to Colorectal Cancer Screening and Care Can Help Erase Racial Disparities
A new report shows that an aggressive, state-wide effort...

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EuropaColon will host the 2nd Colorectal Cancer Patient Conference (CCPC 2013) in Barcelona, Spain on 5th-6th July 2013.

The purpose of CCPC 2013 is to sustain EuropaColon's efforts to combat the disease in Europe to engage, educate, inform and support colorectal cancer patients alongside all relevant stakeholders. EuropaColon would like to thank the European Commission for its generous 50% grant for this very important meeting.

Please find our programme for CCPC 2013 by clicking here

EuropaColon is offering 40 Bursaries towards travel and accomodation. For more details click here

At 31 Matilda Tristram was looking forward to having her first baby when she discovered that she had colorectal cancer.
Throughout her illness Matilda is keeping an illustrated diary 'Colonomic'.

She has agreed to share it with EuropaColon with the aim of raising awareness of this disease in young people. The Colonomic updates will happen on a regular basis". Click the link below to follow Matilda's Colonomic.
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Press Release -17th June 2013

`Your life, your responsibility`
The 2nd European Colorectal Cancer Patient Conference (CCPC)
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The Inflatable Colon

This unique stand alone educational tool helps to break down the taboos surrounding colorectal cancer
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ECCAM 2013
Activities Page

LIVE NOW- EuropaColons Affiliate and Associate March 2013 activities
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Patient Story Of The Month: JUNE

Matilda Tristram is the featured patient story for June.
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