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EuropaColon is a joint partner of
Global Colon Cancer Association
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EuropaColon launches new initiative for young people with colorectal cancer
- Young Voices United Against Colorectal Cancer

Young Voices United against CRC
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The European School of Oncology
Jola Gore-Booth moderates at the 9th ESO Colorectal Cancer Observatory - WCGC Barcelona

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The greatest challenge to effective action against the escalating wave of CRC incidences and deaths across Europe is: to dispel the taboo surrounding the disease which still carries a huge stigma: drive education and the importance of early diagnosis and impress on governments the value of adequate funding.  It is the intention of EuropaColon that CCPC 2013 will provide an opportunity for colorectal cancer patients and all other stakeholders to exchange knowledge, collaborate, and become better informed on all matters concerning colorectal cancer throughout Europe and the world today.
Together we have to initiate CHANGE!!!  Change does not happen overnight but working together we can build strong foundations for a continuing improvement in incidences and deaths from the disease.

It was for this reason that CCPC 2013 allocated 10,000 Euros towards travel bursaries for patient advocates, representatives from patient organisations and clinical nurse specialists. 

Jola Gore-Booth at CCPC2013

CCPC 2013 Audience
Registration No: 5314195 Registered Office: 92 Palatine Road, London N16 8ST.