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EuropaColon is a joint partner of
Global Colon Cancer Association
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The Inflatable Colon is an unique educational tool helps to break down the taboos surrounding colorectal cancer

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Why Should Your Company Support EuropaColon?

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a popular term in business – but companies have always, to a certain extent, understood their social role in society and their responsibility for a well-functioning society.

Moreover companies also understand that they benefit from the wellbeing of the society in which they operate. Sound public finances give a strong customer base, taxes pay for good infrastructure to transport goods, healthy citizens means employees showing up for work and so forth.

Colorectal cancer is a disease that mainly affects people over 50 years of age. This age group is increasing and in addition as people are now expected to work longer a healthy workforce is critically important for most employers.  It is therefore important that companies contribute to the general health of their employees not only because it is the right thing to do but also good business.

Fighting a disease such as colorectal cancer involves many stakeholders including the general public, private and public sectors and NGO’s. A high level of mutual understanding between these stakeholders, as well as a positive contribution from all, is required to achieve the goal of defeating the disease.
  • Citizens need to take ownership of their own health and be more proactive in following guidance on healthy living
  • Companies should be willing to invest in awareness raising campaigns promoting employee health
  • Public authorities need to provide a health-care infrastructure that ensures its citizens high level treatment and support in rehabilitation.
  • NGOs are expected to act cost-affectedly , non-politically and in accordance with national and international standards whilst truly expressing the voice of patients and other citizens thereby creating better results of the interaction between all major stakeholders

Reasons for Helping EuropaColon Include:

  • Hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved every year in Europe!
  • The all-important reason for supporting EuropaColon is that you understand and agree with the urgency of the mission – to prevent deaths from colorectal cancer and to improve the lives of and support for those affected by the disease
  • Colorectal cancer is severely under-prioritised in healthcare and it is an area where your support WILL make a very big difference
  • When detected early colorectal cancer is a highly treatable disease. Today with advances in treatment even cases of late stage colorectal cancer can have very positive outcomes
  • Your company is directly or indirectly involved in colorectal cancer and you see the value in co-operating with the leading organisation on a pan-European and/or national level
  • Your company understands the personal and financial costs to society and business that lifestyle-diseases represent and feel a corporate social responsibility to reducing these costs
  • Colorectal cancer is under-prioritised given the staggering statistics of the disease. Over 50% of all diagnosed patients currently die from the disease, a percentage that could be significantly reduced if only screening was more available. EuropaColon increases public and political awareness of the disease ensuring more screening and treatment initiatives to all citizens.

Commencing a Partnership

Every partnership between EuropaColon and a private company is based on the specific situation of the particular company, as these may come in many different forms. This also means that partnerships therefore can take many different approaches.  Expressions of interest in a partnership should be made to the CEO: Jola Gore-Booth ([email protected] or call +44 799 097 2650). Partnership packs are available upon request.

Should You Partner With EuropaColon?

In just under seven years EuropaColon has contributed towards bringing colorectal cancer higher up on the European cancer agenda.  We are truly proud of what we have achieved, none of which could have been done without the support of our existing partners.

There is however still a long way to go and unless efforts on every level are substantially increased evidence has shown that by 2020 colorectal cancer will become the biggest cancer killer in Europe. The reasons why companies should become involved with EuropaColon are becoming more and more obvious – together we can reduce the number of employee sick days and your brand can become more acknowledged for its contribution in improving health outcomes.

EuropaColon has a proven track record in organising and implementing awareness programmes in the employee workplace. We utilise numerous tried and tested educational tools the most significant of which is the Inflatable Colon! The Inflatable Colon is a 2.4 metre high, walk through replica of the human colon exhibiting all stages of colorectal cancer and other digestive diseases.

Registration No: 5314195 Registered Office: 92 Palatine Road, London N16 8ST.