EuropaColon Ukraine

The main task of non-government organization EuropaColon Ukraine is to draw attention to the problem of colorectal cancer and to raise awarness among the citizens about the importance of timely preventive screening, thereby reducing deathness from bowel cancer.

ECCAM 2014

 During the European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Movement for Health of the Nation organised a round table covering all the issues surrounding colorectal cancer. The round table was attended by 16 experts. Besides the head of the working group for the multidisciplinary clinical protocol for prevention, diagnostic and treatment and the representatives of the Ministry of Health, the meeting was attended by the oncologists, doctors dealing with precancerous conditions, officials, proctologists, surgeons, endoscopists, family doctors, etc. The round table was held in the Ministry of Health.

This was the first meeting of experts. Each gave their opinion on the situation in Ukraine but they all agreed on the reorientation of the system on searching for precancerous conditions instead of dealing with cancer. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, CRC is detected more often than polyps or precancerous conditions, and that has to change. For that reason, screening should be organised, but more work has to be done.Movement for Health of the Nations is currently writing the resolution of the meeting which will be approved among all participants. The meeting was also an excellent opportunity for the experts to get to know each other and we were able to create for them a platform for discussion. We do understand this is only the beginning, but everybody agreed on establishing the working group on fighting the CRC in Ukraine.

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