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EuropaColon's CEO says - The hard road to data interpretation: the road is hard too for the patient

Published on 30 April 2018 back to previous

The hard road to data interpretation: the road is hard too for the patient

J. Gore-Booth

Founder/CEO EuropaColon, Salisbury, United Kingdom

As patients and patient advocates, we read with great interest the article by Sobrero et al 1. investigating whether patients with stage III colon cancer should have three or six months of adjuvant chemotherapy.

EuropaColon and its members are supportive of all clinical research conducted to improve outcomes for patients, whether in terms of improved survival, side effects or quality of life. We appreciate that oxaliplatin is associated with peripheral neurotoxicity, which can have a significant impact on quality of life.

We have spoken to many of our members on this topic. Peripheral neurotoxicity is present among the vast majority of this specific patient population, and for many it does affect their everyday activities. However, the majority of patients are also of the opinion that the primary goal of treatment of stage III colorectal cancer is to provide the best possible chance of survival, without recurrence of the disease.

Although there is some difference of opinion among patients on whether three or six months treatment is preferable, all would like the opportunity to make their own informed decision. We passionately believe that the best treatment option for each colorectal cancer patient can only be determined through an individualized approach. Each oncologist should explain to their patients in plain, non-technical language, the potential benefits, side effects and outcomes of treatment. Only when armed with all the relevant information can each patient, in partnership with their oncologist, make an informed decision about their own treatment.

1. A. Sobrero, A. Grothey T. Iveson et al, The hard road to data interpretation: three or six months of adjuvant chemotherapy for patients with stage III colon cancer?, Ann. Onc.

Click here to read the original article published by Oxford University Press. April 2018.

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