Agaliazo Society of Volunteers Against Cancer (Greece)

The Society of Volunteers Against Cancer – AGALIAZO was legally founded in 1976 and is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness, providing psychosocial support and practicing advocacy. The organisation has set up site specific sub-groups for cervical and breast cancers and has now set up a colorectal cancer ub-group that is providing information and support for those affected by the disease,

On the 8th of March 2010, AGALIAZO became an Associate of EuropaColon.

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In 2013 AgaliaZO visited two of the largest municipalities in the capital, the Municipality of Piraeus and Moschaton-Taurus. In these municipalities we exposed the inflatable colon and the public had the opportunity to learn more about various disorders of the colon, including colorectal cancer from gastroenterologist and oncologists that are partners of our organisation.

At the same time our volunteers distributed informative material in four languages (Greek, English, Russian and Albanian) with information on how we can shield our health by changing our lifestyle and making regular diagnostic tests. Volunteers also helped general public to complete a questionnaire at the info kiosk in order to evaluate general knowledge on colorectal cancer and to measure the attitude of people towards prevention.
In order to inform people we created posters and we also posted the events on our website and on the websites of the municipalities.
The specific actions were successful because dozens of people visited the inflatable colon and took very important information about colorectal cancer with them.

National Cancer Plan 2011 - 2015

ECCAM 2017

During ECCAM17 AgaliaZO, Society of Volunteers Against Cancer, because of excellent cooperation with EuropaColon HQ, used the material of ‘We Are United Against Colorectal Cancer’ campaign and translated all the material into Greek language. We have printed the sign with the reason why we support the campaign and we took photos that were posted on our Facebook page using the hashtags #ECCAM17 and #United. Also, we have used the other material from the campaign ‘What is ECCAM?’, patients’ stories and other visuals for our Facebook and Twitter.

It was an excellent cooperation and we think that the campaign achieved its goal. We do hope that together we can make European public aware of Colorectal Cancer and the importance of early detection of the disease.

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