Catherine Wiltcher

 Colorectal Cancer patient and author of ‘Eyes to the Wind’

“I wanted to prove to myself that I could realise a dream of writing a book when I was going through one of the toughest times of my life.”

“I was diagnosed in May 2017, I had been ill for about 9 months beforehand and had been back and forth to the GP which is unfortunately a familiar story for adults under the age of 50. Once I was diagnosed 3 weeks later I had a 6hour operation to remove 15 centimetres of my bowel. 2 weeks after my operation they found that my cancer had spread to 2 of my lymph nodes so I would require 4 rounds of Xelox chemotherapy.’

“There is a delay in diagnosis for young women at the moment because many of our symptoms are mimicked by post pregnancy. I had intermittent bleeding and I had stomach pain and back pain for at least 9 months before my diagnosis as well. GP’s didn’t recognise it as bowel cancer. I know that I spoke to 6 different GP’s and I asked them all outright whether it could be bowel cancer because that’s what the internet was telling me and they all said to my face that no there is no possibility it could be bowel cancer, people this young do not get bowel cancer…”

Catherine’s book is available to buy here in paperback or Kindle version. All the proceeds from 'Eyes to the Wind' are going to Bowel Cancer UK to help raise awareness and support patients of CRC.

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