Kristina Kurten's Story

 Kristina is 66-year old woman, married, and has two grown up children. This is her story:

I graduated as a chemist from ナbo Akademi in Finland and have worked within the technochemical industry both in Finland and abroad.

In September 2006 I noticed bleeding when going to the toilet. I contacted the local health centre and was referred to the hospital for a colonoscopy. Nothing alarming was found and they predicted that a ”diverticula” had burst.

However, the bleeding continued and six months later I had a second colonoscopy. They then found cancer in the rectum and I was passed on to a surgeon for further treatments. He also said that my uterus and ovaries needed to be removed at the same time.

Extensive examinations took place and during the operation it was found that the cancer had grown through the colon and infected some lymphatic tissue(metastases). I had chemotherapy and in the following six months I went to the clinic every three weeks for intravenous treatment with the chemotherapy drug oxaliplatin and at home, I was prescribed kapecitabine pills.

One month after the end of the treatments I was called for a further CT examination to see that the procedures had been effective. I am still being followed up regularly by my surgeon. I have also had a further CT scan and colonoscopy and a further colonoscopy is planned for 2014.

I am in good hands, enjoying my life and looking foreword to the future with hope and trust.

In Finland all patient who have metastatic cancer will be checked by biomarkers and prescribed with personalised medicine.

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