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John Ohene-Kodua

The year 2014 was possibly one of the most memorable years in John's life. The graduation of his last two children, in Medicine and Economics respectively was preceded by his 60th birthday celebration, and "crowned" with an invitation to undertake the national colorectal cancer screening test, which resulted in his being diagnosed with cancer of the colon, stage II.

As a Christian John was and is still grateful to God and his Surgeon for the successful operation to remove his Ascending Colon. The operation was  followed by blood tests and CT scans as well as "colonoscopies" which are now an integral part of his life.

After the operation he attended talks and conferences on colorectal cancer. And it was at one of these conferences that he met one of the executive members of EuropaColon and expressed his desire to continue to be an advocate for those who are afraid to talk about cancer and encourage them to go for early screening, which might save lives. As a consequence he agreed to join their Expert Patient Advisory Group.

Prior to his diagnoses and after his diagnoses he continues to be an advocate for members of his local Church, for whom the mention of "cancer" is an anathema. Having seen some close friends and family members die from cancer, John has taken upon himself to educate close friends and relatives with his experience - that early screen leads to early discovery and subsequently leads to early treatment/healing.

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