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Anthony Rossi

Anthony Rossi is 62 years old, married and has two daughters, two grandsons and one granddaughter.

Anthony has been working with a local well established Group of Companies in Malta for the last 40 years occupying various positions such as Finance Manager, Incoming Manager for the Leisure & Travel Division and now as a Company Secretary for most of the companies within the same Group.

Thanks to a friend of his, who works at the National Screening Centre in Malta, who insisted and urged Anthony to have the Screening Test (FIT) done, he was diagnosed with Stage ll of Colorectal Cancer.

His early cancer detection inspired him to talk very openly about his story and encourage others to get screened.

After the operation of an anterior resection of the Colon in April 2015, and after recovery, together with the help of the Head of the National Screening Programme and a practice nurse, Anthony decided to set up a new NGO in Malta which is called "Malta Colorectal Cancer Awareness Group" - MCRCAG.
His Vision for this organization is for the Maltese Islands to be free of Colorectal Cancer where education, prevention, early detection and treatment lead to increased survival for all.

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