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Dora Constantinides

Dora worked as part-time lecturer on Marketing, PR and Management Studies and was involved for a decade with The Cyprus Consumers' Association and the publishing of the first Good Food Guide of Cyprus.
At the age of 42 and with 3 children (11, 15 and 18) Dora was diagnosed with Dukes B Stage II (colorectal ca).

She underwent major surgery, had a colostomy and soon after was elected municipal councilor for Nicosia, representing the newly formed Green Party, for 21/2 years. In April 1997 she joined PASYKAF (The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends) on the Administrative Team. Together with her personal experience her work added to the spark for raising awareness on colorectal cancer issues involving all the parameters from prevention and early diagnosis to treatment and preserving patients their quality of life at all stages.

Today, Head of Awareness at PASYKAF and contact person for EuropaColon she is committed to the campaign for reducing the incidence and mortality rates due to particularly colorectal cancer.”

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