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Maria Celeste Correia Ramos

Maria Celeste Correia Ramos was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal cancer in December 2007. She was treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for 6 weeks to try to diminish the lesion so that she could be operated on in May.

The treatment had some success and, although painful,she endured it till the 14th May – the day of the operation.
After that she received another 7 months of adjuvant chemotherapy. Now she has periodical consultations - at the beginning every 3 months, extending to every 6 months in the fourth year and after that every 8 months.

Celeste is an English teacher in a secondary school in Portugal, still working with her 6 classes of students. She has always loved her work and that is why she doesn't want to think about retiring. She says, "When I became ill, Europacolon Portugal helped me a lot with psychology and nutrition consultations so, it was only fair to give back to others a little bit of what I received. That's why I didn't hesitate to say yes to being a member of EPAG, Europacolon when I was invited. I'm ready to help in any way I can".

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