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Jola Gore-Booth (France / UK)

EuropaColon, the first Pan European Not for Profit organisation dedicated to colorectal cancer was founded by Jola Gore-Booth in 2005. Fuelled by Jola's passion EuropaColon is now a respected voice in Europe on colorectal cancer. The organisation is committed to preventing deaths and improving the quality of life and support for people affected by the disease. Jola's vision for EuropaColon has grown from long-standing experience and deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by people with colorectal cancer.

She was Chief Executive of Colon Cancer Concern (CCC), a leading UK colorectal cancer charity (now known as Bowel Cancer UK) between 1997 and 2005. Whilst there Jola launched Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and the Bowel Cancer Forum – a collaboration of key stakeholders working together for the good of colorectal cancer patients and the general public. She participated in the UK Government's Bowel Cancer Advisory Board, NICE Implementation Advisory Board and Public Affairs Committee of the United European Gastroenterology Federation; she was also a member of the UK Bowel Cancer Screening Steering Committee. She achieved notable success with NICE on patient access to treatment.

Jola saw in her work with colorectal cancer the importance of collaboration and patient advocacy which drove her to creating a colorectal cancer community by co-ordinating the development of patient advocacy groups across Europe. To date EuropaColon has representation in 23 European countries and many more in development. In 2008 Jola together with EuropaColon launched European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in the European Parliament. Jola sits on various key Medical Institutions and Pharmaceutical Company Advisory Boards (ECCO, ESMO, EFPIA etc). She also campaigns tirelessly to ensure that governments and other stakeholders prioritise colorectal cancer. She presents regularly at conferences and meetings around the world on colorectal cancer prevention, control and access to best treatments and care.

In 2010 Jola founded Global Colon Cancer and in 2011 she joined forces with Andy Spiegel (the then CEO of the Global Colon Cancer Alliance in the US) to launch the Global Colon Cancer Alliance (GCCA) GCCA is committed to creating a global colon cancer community to ensure effective increased awareness, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

In 2007 Jola designed and developed the first European colorectal cancer educational tool - the Inflatable Colon. The Inflatable Colon has travelled extensively across the globe breaking down the taboo around colorectal cancer. More recently Jola has started up the Global Health Education Partnership focusing on disease prevention and control and addressing the big challenge of “globesity”.

Jola has two grown up sons and lives in Salisbury in the UK.

Email: [email protected]

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