EuropaColon Serbia

Serbian Colorectal Cancer Patient Association

EuropaColon Serbia is a non-profit, independent organisation composed of patients suffering from cancer of the colon and liver, their family members, and other interested people who wish to provide any kind of support.

During march, the organization had organized five events, in major Serbian cities (Belgrade, Niš, N. Sad, Kikinda and Sombor) to support formal population screening program by providing education of the general population on the importance of early diagnosis of colorectal cancer. For the events, the inflatable colon was used and it attracted great attention.  Also in the context of these activities has been achieved, and better co-operation and relations with institutions of health care, as well as with other organizations engaged in the fight against cancer;

Through the year we have continuously provided assistance and support to those affected by colorectal cancer as well as their family members through lectures and panel discussions, which were very frequent. This also helped us better to connect with our membership.

We have performed a very successful survey on colorectal cancer patients in 18 Serbian cities. The 27 point questionnaire gave us some very interesting findings and the results will contribute to the future work of our organization.

EuropaColon Slovenia has organized a symposium for the health professionals such as family practitioners, gastroenterologists, abdominal surgeons, nurses, etc. The program was prepared by the experts that are treating Colorectal Cancer patients. This whole day event was held in October at Izola with 140 professionals participating from whole Slovenian territory.

EuropaColon Slovenia has also published two numbers of magazine, Koloskope, in which we have covered the topics on Colorectal Cancer and screening as well as published testimonials of patients that had survived colorectal cancer.

ECCAM 2015

As part of ECCAM activities, during the months of March and April, the Association placed the inflatable colon in five major cities in Serbia. Together For Health activity was carried out with Serbian ILCO association, as well as with the help of local health providers and municipalities. The aim was to raise awareness of the disease and importance of adequate and regular prevention as well as personal responsibility of each citizen for their own health. On all occasions citizens were offered free blood sugar and pressure measurements.

As part of World CRC day, on the 24th of March, the Association held a press conference, together Prof. Kovcin, Medical Director of the Association, which was widely covered in the national television and newspapers. On the same day, together with other patient associations, education on the importance of preventive measures (screening) followed with an open discussion was held at the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, major Serbian oncology institution.

Regular Health Check-ups In Health Care activity was held on the 16th of July, together with one of the local healthcare providers in Belgrade with the emphasis of the importance of the change of life-style, cessation of smoking and regular screening.

During the Fall Health Festival in September, the inflatable colon was displayed; a lot of citizens went through when they were delivered informative leaflets. The slogan of the Association was Do Something Good For Your Health Today.

On the 28th of November the Association participated at the National Oncology Patient Forum.

Our telephone help line was very active throughout the whole year with increasing number of citizens and patients asking for various advices.

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Patients and their families can contact Colorectal Patients Association of Serbia on +381631027967 
or via email 
[email protected]

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