Join Us Today and Become a EuropaColon Affiliate

EuropaColon invites you to join the rapidly growing army of citizens across Europe who are joining together to create a robust and influential platform for all citizens touched by colorectal cancer.  Our groups are committed to effecting change in their countries through raising the profile of colorectal cancer, its symptoms and promoting understanding and implementation of preventative measures.

EuropaColon firmly believes that the power of the patient voice is vital in securing change and ensuring that standards of care are continually improved. Discussion and reporting on the experiences of patients in terms of prevention and control, diagnosis, timely referral, tailored treatment and optimal care has the potential to influence change in all areas of the patient pathway.

EuropaColon’s groups have the unique advantage in being able to address key issues that organisations in other sectors cannot or will not.

EuropaColon welcomes all European citizens to join this unique “colorectal cancer community”

Benefits of becoming a EuropaColon affiliate
  • EuropaColon will provide guidance and support in the setting up of your group
  • You will be able to share campaigning and advocacy expertise with other groups in Europe
  • Affiliates will have the opportunity to attend EuropaColon events and events facilitated  by partner Non-Governmental Organisations  across Europe
  • EuropaColon can facilitate introductions to key opinion leaders and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) ensuring the drive for improved treatment strategies is central to national and EU policy
  • EuropaColon will provide all new members with authority to use the EuropaColon brand, including branding guidelines and guidance on website development
  • Affiliates will receive discounts on EuropaColon’s awareness raising tool The Inflatable Colon
Our affiliate groups are required to work within the Terms and Conditions of EuropaColon – details available on request.

For more information please contact Zorana Stokic: [email protected]
Registration No: 5314195 Registered Office: 92 Palatine Road, London N16 8ST.