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Affiliates Progress

europacolon – España (Spain)

General Progress:
  • europacolon - España was established on the 27 of November 2006
  • The new organisation conducted the first ever Public Colorectal Cancer Survey with the results launched at a press briefing
  • europacolon - España runs a continual programme of collaboration with key influential organisations and scientific congresses for example the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology
  • europacolon - España members attended the European Patients Forum patient meeting and the Foro Español de Pacientes – workshop meeting
  • In February 2008, europacolon sent a letter to all  Health Authorities in España with the aim of raising the profile of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and europacolon - España
  • In March 2008, europacolon produced an information leaflet on colorectal cancer distributing to all europacolon contacts/ members and the media
  • An information booklet on colorectal cancer was produced for patients and their families - Hablemos de… el cáncer colorrecta.  The booklet was launched at a press meeting.
Activities for International Day:
  • Regional press conferences
  • Giant colon in several Spanish cities
  • Regional informative tables open to the public
  • Meeting at the Congress
  • Advertising campaign: TV, radio, etc
  • Informative leaflet targeted to general population
  • Informative, technical leaflet targeted to healthcare professionals
  • Internet banners
  • Coordination of clinical sessions at hospitals in different Spanish cities
Awareness Campaigns:

Awareness raising campaign through literature distribution for the general public in Madrid in the form of public information points in central El Corte Inglés centers:
  • Castellana
  • Goya
  • Preciados
  • Princesa
Total pieces of literature distributed in the centres as follows:
  • 2,000 Leaflets
  • 600 Newsletters
  • 150 of the new booklet - Hablemos de… el cáncer colorrectal
  • europacolon representatives met with a key representative from España's Ministry of Health to introduce europacolon - Espana.  The key discussion point being screening and the rollout of screening campaigns in the future
  • 25 March 2009 - seminar about colorectal cancer and health at work. Tejerina Foundation
  • 26 March 2009 - Debate about 'Prevention of Colorectal Cancer: Nurses Involvement'
  • 30 March 2009 - Debate about 'Prevention of Colorectal Cancer in Spain' at the Ministry of Health, with representatives of the Administration

Media Activity:
  • The new booklet Hablemos de… el cáncer colorrecta launched at a press meeting
  • The first Public Colorectal Cancer Survey undertaken with the results launched at a press briefing
  • An interview with Dr. Pilar García Alfonso at Saber Vivir , (TVE) took place in March coordinating with European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month – 2008 covered in two press releases
  • Extensive media coverage during European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month - 2008: 91 pieces
  • 3 March 2009 - Press conference presenting 'Alliance for the Prevention of the Colon Cancer': Oncologists, GPs, Gastroenterologists and Epidermiologists, the Spanish Association against Cancer and europacolon Espana with support of writer Carmen Inns and the bullfighter Jose Ortega Cano
  • March 2009 - media presentation of a new guidebook summarising the 'Most Frequently asked Questions' about colorectal cancer as posed by patients. This book has been developed in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) and the cooperative group on Treatment for Digestive Tumours (TTD), entities of reference for colorectal cancer in Spain.

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