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europacolon – Polska (Poland)

General Progress:
  • Established on 4 October 2007
  • A National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Survey was conducted in the months leading up to March 2008 by (GFK Polonia)

Awareness Campaigns:
  • In March 2008 europacolon – Polska working in partnership with the Polish Family Doctor Association distributed data on the 'Top Medical Trends – 2008' to over 3500 family doctors
  • Included in the information were leaflets the role of europacolon – Polska, the Polish Screening Programme and a brochure on 'What is Colorectal Cancer'
  • Once again in March 2008 europacolon coordinated the first 'Colorectal Cancer Awareness Day' in Warsaw
  • This pioneering initiative saw a vintage tram driven around Warsaw manned by oncologists, psycho-oncologist and europacolon Polska staff members giving away free FOBT testing kits in information packs consisting of:
  • Booklet on colorectal cancer
  • Healthy Eating brochure
  • Key screening data taken from a survey conducted by the National Screening Programme
  • Leaflet on europacolon and it's mission
  • The event was attended by special guests: Doctor Andrzej Deptala – Director of Oncology Department in MSWiA Hospital in Warsaw along with Professor Genowefa Grabowska, a Member of the European Parliament and part of ENVI Commission
  • Members of the public were encouraged to talk to all present
  • Central Warsaw awareness event 27-29 March 2009 which included:
  • Distributing leaflets about CRC, prevention and screening programme
  • Exhibiting eurocolon (27 March)
  • Gathering signatures for Manifesto
  • Gathering signatures for petition to Polish Government that every citizen has the right to be treated for cancer using new kinds of drugs
  • Exposing CRC - a huge threat to everyone
  • A balloon symbolizing cancer -  everyone who cut the red ribbon was taking part to kill the symbolic cancer (27 March)

  • The Colorectal Cancer Awareness Event was attended by  Professor Genowefa Grabowska, a Member of the European Parliament and part of ENVI Commission
  • europacolon – Polska actively campaigned MEP's during the launch event for European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month - March 2008 in Brussels

Media Activity:
  • In March 2008 europacolon – Polska organized a press conference where the results of the “National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Survey were announced”.  In addition this event also saw promotional activity for the launch of European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in Brussels
  • The three day awareness event in Warsaw in March 2009 was widely covered by different media including TV, radio, press and internet

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