Dave Miners

Throughout history we have seen examples of individuals and groups of people changing policy and influencing governments - it is certainly not a new concept. This is a story about such a person whose legacy is benefiting many people across the UK.

In 2003 Dave Minors, a fit and healthy 50 year old was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer. Dave was furious that he knew nothing about the disease and what he should have been looking out for. Dave wrote to the BBC to complain that they never featured items about colorectal cancer. They interviewed Dave which had huge public impact - he was followed up by the BBC on many occasions until his death.

With Bowel Cancer UK's support and guidance he turned his attention to lobbying the UK government for a colorectal cancer screening programme. Dave was instrumental in persuading the UK Government, in October 2004, to announce a screening programme for colorectal cancer and in empowering other patients to become more vocal about issues around it, in particular about their battles to gain access to treatments.

Dave was an inspiration to a lot of people and is sadly missed. Since Dave's death, however, his family are continuing to raise awareness of colorectal cancer issues, keeping Dave's memory alive and ensuring that his invaluable efforts were not in vain. And, many other patients, inspired by people like Dave are becoming more vocal in the media about their issues.

Active campaigner for the
disease (deceased 2005)

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