europacolon welcomes you to the section of our new and improved website (currently being developed) dedicated to Healthcare Professionals across Europe from student to professor. We realise that information needs will vary from one country to another, therefore europacolon invites you to tell us what you would like to see on this part of the website. This section could contain information on clinical trials, drug availability, the latest health guidance from the European Union, new surgical techniques and much more - it is up to you.

It is europacolon's aim to bring together a group of clinical experts to support this section of the website. The group will essentially provide guidance on the content, provide editorial contribution and ensure high quality, evidenced based information is placed here.

We aim to issue all Healthcare Professional members with an individual entry code to the site allowing exclusive access at any time.

Feel free to send your suggestions in your own language as we are able to translate.

Send all suggestions to Julia Kennedy: [email protected]