Good News from Portugal

Great news from europacolon Portugal!
They have just launched a project called "Education for Health in School". It is for secondary school for students of the 5th/6th grades (10 and 11 years old) organised by a couple of nurses, and associates, and to which europacolon Portugal is going to be associated and give its logistic, media and marketing support. The main goal is to introduce the concept of "Healthy Food Education" among the younger classes and develop with them nourishing healthy habits. All this is going to be done in an easy way, all the information is going to be taught very lightly ( with amusing stories!!) , inviting also the students to write a short story and the best one is going to win a prize and possibly be published. As Vitor Neves from europacolon Portugal said "We believe ( and all the involved people) that it�s very important to educate the people from a very early age so that when they become adults, their way of eating has already changed in a most positive way".