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Global Colon Cancer Association
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The Inflatable Colon is a unique educational tool helping to break down the taboos surrounding colorectal cancer

Inflatable Colon
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EuropaColon Community

It is the vision of EuropaColon to grow new groups and support existing organisations to increase awareness of colorectal cancer and thus to improve care and support for patients. In 10 years, 34 Affiliate and Associate groups have joined  EuropaColon from 29 countries. An Affiliate has a direct affiliation with EuropaColon whereas an Associate is an existing cancer patient organisation working alongside us.

Currently, we have active Affiliate groups in the following countries: Germany, Latvia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Our active Associate groups are from the following countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UK. 

EuropaColon’s Affiliate and Associate groups work actively to raise awareness of CRC and the implementation of formal population screening whilst also supporting patients. They also seek to influence health policies to improve standards of delivery and adoption of best practices in the treatment and care of patients in their country.

We are proud of the progress EuropaColon’s Affiliate and Associate groups have made during the last 10 years; organising patient meetings; media activities; forming political partnerships and gaining clinical support constantly galvanising the colorectal cancer community both locally and across Europe. ‘Read more about our Affiliates and Associates’.

Every year during European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (ECCAM) in March, our Affiliate and Associate groups increase their activities to raise the profile of the disease by focusing on awareness of the symptoms and risks along with means to prevent the disease. March 2014 was no exception. Please visit our ECCAM webpage by clicking here.

If you work in colorectal cancer, come and join the fastest growing army in Europe of colorectal cancer advocacy groups. Become an Affiliate or an Associate’


There are copies of National Cancer Plans featured on some of our group’s pages. They are sourced from

EuropaColon Community
Registration No: 5314195 Registered Office: 92 Palatine Road, London N16 8ST.