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EuropaColon is a joint partner of
Global Colon Cancer Association
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EuropaColon launches new initiative for young people with colorectal cancer
- Young Voices United Against Colorectal Cancer

Young Voices United against CRC
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The European School of Oncology
Jola Gore-Booth moderates at the 10th ESO Colorectal Cancer Observatory - St Gallen, Switzerland

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Dear Friends

I really cannot believe EuropaColon is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year and also the 6th European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month... it seems as if it was only a few weeks ago that it was suggested to me that colorectal cancer patients in Europe needed more support than they were getting.

Little did I expect when we started EuropaColon in 2004 that we would achieve as much as we have, nor seen the many changes that we are witnessing not only in the treatment and care of people with colorectal cancer but also in policy terms with considerable progress on colorectal cancer screening, helping to diagnose many more people across Europe.

When we started there were only 3 colorectal cancer patient organisations in the whole of Europe. By the end of 2013 there were 25 Groups signed up with EuropaColon and 8 more already wanting to join in 2014. No longer do we only cover the EU but also further afield - Turkey, Serbia, Israel, Russia and Ukraine. This reflects not only the appeal of being part of an extend organisation but also the need to support colorectal cancer patients.

As the numbers of newly diagnosed people increases year on year it is our mission to identify ways to provide support and assistance for them, to raise awareness of screening amongst the citizens of Europe and help people realise that health is their responsibility and that only they can make a difference to their health outcomes.

I would like to pay tribute to all those people in all our groups who have worked so hard to achieve these goals over the years, they are the back bone of EuropaColon for they are at the coal face striving to support patients in their country, often against considerable odds.

To all of you I would like to extend a very big THANK YOU!

Jolanta Gore-Booth,   Founder/CEO of EuropaColon

2013 Annual Review


The Annual Review is a summary of our projects and initiatives in 2013
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Patient Story: April

Aysen Cevik

Our patient story for April is Aysen Cevik
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Affiliates and Associates

Our Affiliates & Associates at their annual meeting in Lisbon
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The Inflatable Colon

The Inflatable Colon
This unique educational tool helps to break down the taboos surrounding colorectal cancer
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