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The Inflatable Colon is an unique educational tool helps to break down the taboos surrounding colorectal cancer

Inflatable Colon
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Americans wear blue to raise colon cancer awareness
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Amgen's Vectibix Approved For Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Treatment
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The Medical Minute: Surgical Options for Colorectal Cancer
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Cancon Newsletter 1

#ECCAM15 - Everybody Deserves the Next Day

In 2008 EuropaColon established the month of March as European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (ECCAM). Since then, every year different activities are carried out across Europe in order to raise awareness of colorectal cancer (CRC ) – a disease that is both preventable and treatable! The aim of ECCAM is that together with our Affiliate and Associate groups we will help to save many lives.
Colorectal cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Europe. Every year, around 230,000 people die from the disease however many of these lives could be saved by early detection and treatment.

"This year will be different you say to yourself on January 1st, though you wake up each day feeling sore. You visit the doctor, she says they need to run tests. You wait, then the day before you start back at work ten days later, you visit again, scared in case they do find something. Within five minutes of the tests you are told you have a large tumour. Then you are really scared"...

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EuropaColon aims to unite patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, politicians, the media and the public in the fight against the disease. The organisation is currently represented in 28 countries in Europe and has been acknowledged as the voice of colorectal cancer patients in Europe.

We welcome you to join us in our fight against this disease.

2013 EONS Magazine


EONS-9: Celebrating Excellence in Cancer Nursing
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Neil Howie

ECCAM15 week 5 
Neil Howie writes about his experiences
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Get Tested Campaign

Jola Gore-Booth was a speaker at the launch of the Get Tested Campaign.
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RAS Biomarkers Testing Explained

RAS leaflet
Why RAS testing of your tumour is important
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