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United States    57.0%
Netherlands    8.6%
Germany    8.4%
Bahamas    3.5%
China    3.5%
United Kingdom    3.2%
Ukraine    2.5%
Russian Federation    2.0%
Italy    1.0%
Romania    0.8%

EuropaColon is a joint partner of
Global Colon Cancer Association
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EuropaColon launches new initiative for young people with colorectal cancer
- Young Voices United Against Colorectal Cancer

Young Voices United against CRC
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The European School of Oncology
Jola Gore-Booth moderates at the 10th ESO Colorectal Cancer Observatory - St Gallen, Switzerland

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Barbara Moss's Story

 Barbara Moss has written a book about her journey through cancer.
If you would like to read it, it is available for purchase at

In this film, cancer survivor Barbara Moss talks about her personal experiences, and how important the work of EORTC is for cancer patients like her.

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