The Romanian Cancer Society

The Romanian Cancer Society was established in 1993 by health providers (from the Cluj Oncology Institute) to respond to:

  • The huge lack of information in the general population regarding cancer prevention and early detection
  • The total lack of support services outside hospital

During it’s 20 years activity RCS became a cancer patients organisation as patients and patients’ family members joined the association.  

RCS objectives are:

  • To provide support for cancer patients and their families
  • To increase population’s awareness and information level regarding all type cancer prevention and early detection.
  • To advocate for cancer patients rights
  • To increase health professionals level of knowledge regarding cancer prevention and early diagnosis
  • To improve populations aces to early cancer prevention and diagnostic by participating in the screening programs

In it’s activities the Romanian Cancer Society collaborates with the Oncological Institute in Cluj Napoca, Health Authorities, medical and social providers in the North West Region of Romania.

In 2016 we managed to create Europacolon Romania, started the website, created a free colostoma care training service with a dedicated nurse for patients with Colon Cancer and gathered a team of gastroenterology-oncology-surgery for counseling patients.

In March 2013 RCS organised activities to raise awareness about colorectal cancer:

  • Organised 1 press conference 
  • Provided lectures in factories about colorectal cancer prevention and early detection
  • Distribution of materials (healthy lifestyle brochure)
  • Participation in media interviews

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Registration No: 5314195 Registered Office: 92 Palatine Road, London N16 8ST.