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Scientists have found that obesity leads to an increase in cancer of the rectum

Published on 09 July 2018 back to previous

The link between obesity and cancer were identified in the experiment with the use of drugs for diabetics.

A group of specialists under the leadership of Professor Rachel Perry conducted a study on mice implanted with tumor or a genetic disease of colon cancer.

Initially the animals were fed food with high fat content, and then investigated the influence of two different types of medications. One of the drugs, CRMP, had a fat burning effect on the liver of the animal, the second drug (Metformin, prescribed for the treatment of diabetes) reduces insulin levels in the blood.

Scientists were first found and the relation between cancer prima colon and obesity. This common factor was a high level of insulin. High content of substances in the blood increases the uptake of glucose by tumors, and thus the tumor grows. Experts have determined that when taking these drugs the tumor growth slows down.

Subsequently, scientists intend to investigate the effect of the therapy, lowering the insulin on slowing and preventing cancer of the colon.

Earlier, a group of Taiwanese scientists reported that close to inventing a new method of blood analysis that helps to identify cancer cells at an early stage. A new blood test can in 87% of cases to detect colorectal cancer and precancerous polyps, c an accuracy of 76%. If successful further research there is the prospect of a significant reduction in mortality from colorectal cancer.

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