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#Time4Change: Greece

Published on 12 March 2018 back to previous

Greece has one of the lowest mortality rates due to colorectal cancer in Europe. It is one of the only EU Member States to record standardised death rates for colorectal cancer that were below 25 per 100,000 inhabitants.1 Nevertheless, colorectal cancer is still a major concern in the country and there are still many unmet needs.

The financial crisis in Greece has had significant impact on healthcare, with budgets slashed, low numbers of doctors and nurses, and many Greeks without national state healthcare coverage.

Pushing for equality

The Society of Volunteers Against Cancer “AgaliaZO”, has been at the forefront of running campaigns for the prevention and early diagnosis of colorectal cancer, including the supply of free Mayer Stork screening (Fecal Hemoglobin Detection). They have organised events giving people the opportunity to explore an inflatable colon model, walk through it, and observe its various pathogenesis.

The President of AgaliaZO, Mrs. Olympia Chaldaiou - Bitrou, said: "The financial crisis that has plagued our country recently, has also created many problems dealing with diseases and especially cancer. We call for patient access to innovative treatments and medicines that increase life expectancy and improve patients' lives. We ask for a uniform health policy and, in particular, a National Anti-Cancer Policy, involving patients in the decision-making. We demand the coordination of national policies, the emergence of best practices, the intensification of research and the systematisation of prevention. In the European Union of 27 countries, dealing with cancer should not be just a national situation. “



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